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We believe in quality in food and in service
We pride ourselves on serving authentic BBQ made from the freshest, most delectable ingredients
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Situated near the fairways of Capitol Hills Golf & Country Club, our laid back rib joint is an ideal place for families and friends who are looking for that authentic Southern BBQ vibe. We accept reservations and booking 2-3 days before your event is appreciated, but—the more notice we have — the better! Keep in mind that there are days we become completely booked, even for small orders.

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Too hot out? WE DELIVER. Call us at 990 5324. We are OPEN DAILY, Sunday-Thursday from 11AM-10PM and Friday-Saturday from 11AM-11PM.

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We know catering like we know our Soul Food. Pick from our Menu Packages or Party Platters and select a service that will suit your needs. Share with us what you have in mind & we will do the rest.

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We are always open to invitations of putting up a pop-up shop in your area. Just give us a call and let’s talk Soul Food.

Who We Are.

Established in 2013, Smokin’ Pig: Legendary Rib Joint was borne out of two people’s passion for and desire to offer soul food—think low-and-slow cooked meats and down-home staples to satisfy your classic American comfort food cravings—in the Philippines. Pioneers Chef Jo-an Raagas and Annie Beldia along with their group of friends turned business partners wanted to bring the warmth of their own version of Southern grub and specialty smoked meat items to elevate the BBQ scene in the country. With ribs as the star of their menu, the team behind Smokin’ Pig wanted to showcase great BBQ by doing it Southern Style. Smokin’ Pig presents all types of classics, from beef brisket to wet and dry ribs to chicken. All these can be enjoyed at the restaurant’s backyard BBQ style set up with a panoramic view of the metro and a sprawling golf course.

Our Process.

We take the business of smoking meat seriously so we don’t take short cuts here at Smokin' Pig. It takes a certain amount of art, finesse and skill to serve perfectly smoked meats that’s why we do it low and slow. We build the distinct smoky taste of our ribs through a careful procedure of soaking the meat in apple juice and seasoning it with our signature dry rub. The ribs are then slow-cooked in a charcoal brick oven over a combination of hickory and apple wood to recreate an authentic fire pit. The low temperature allows the meat to cook to a well-done state without losing its moisture or tenderness. We finish our ribs on the grill, allowing it sizzle quickly to add flavor and texture to the meat. The result is tender juicy meat that glides off the bone with a perfect balance of earthy flavors and a hint of smoke. That’s what makes the Smokin' Pig soul food flavor.

Our Approach.

At Smokin’ Pig: Legendary Rib Joint, we concentrate on the process of down-home style cooking with roots firmly entrenched in the Southern United States.

Our intent is to showcase smoked meat and Southern BBQ such as ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and smoked chicken to name a few and sharing their unique qualities by pairing it with regional specialty BBQ sauces, like Carolina Gold, Original Hickory Smoked (Kansas City Style) and Alabama White. We smoke our meats fresh daily to allow guests to enjoy only the best that we have to offer. Our goal is to offer a handcrafted and straightforward menu that provides the kind of comfort that you will keep coming back to.

Smokin’ Pig offers all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as in-house catering for up to 30 people. Our restaurant features imported, local and hand crafted beers, outdoor seating, wood furnishings and a scenic view. We also deliver within Metro Manila and offer off premise catering service.

Our Latest Ramblings.

WRITE TO US & SHARE YOUR #SmokinPigPH experience & we will place your article / reviews here.

01 August 2015

The Hunt for Experience: Smokin’ Pig Legendary Rib Joint

by JapaneseAdobo

A friend from Ayala Heights invited us for a dinner and drinks at a nearby restaurant from their house. We chose to go to Smokin’ Pig just to try it out instead of the usual Dencio’s that is also in the building. The little Rib Joint definitely did not disappoint. Of course we had to try their ribs and some side dishes. Aside from the main course, I have been raving about how good their creamed spinach is. It is worth the try.

05 July 2015

From Zomato.com

by Christopher Stolk

...OMG, we hit pay dirt! These were some seriously good ribs. Would have given 5 stars, but there was more fat in the meat than I like. We tried a slab each of dry and went, and ordered more sides than we needed. We ended up taking home a few things, a rarity with me and my 2 bigger sons eating, but we ordered a lot of sides and focused on the ribs...

27 May 2015

From Yelp.com.ph

by Ria G.

When I find myself in this neck of the woods, I'm often looking for a good place to eat--which is how I found the Smokin' Pig. As its name suggests, the place does pork really good so make sure to order their ribs and their pulled pork sandwiches.
Breaking it down, the ribs come in both wet and dry rubs, and because I come from the south, I made sure to try both in one go. Smoked to perfection, the rubs taste as good as they look and are pretty juicy despite being, well, ribs. I preferred the wet rub though just because it makes the meat a lot juicier. So make sure to keep table napkins at bay!...

27 August 2014

Of Ribs and Roasts // Smokin’ Pig Legendary Rib Joint

by datesandplates.wordpress.com

Tipsy Pig, Black Pig, Flying Pig, Fancy Pig. For some reason there’s an influx of restaurants / gastropubs named after our favorite porky friend (I made the last one up though). However, if you want direct-to-the-point, juicy, meaty goodness, then Smokin’ Pig Legendary Rib Joint is the one for you. No frills, just good food you crave for cooked to its best, served with appetizers and sides which taste, I must say, more than what you would normally expect...

25 June 2014

Globe Charge and Great Ribs!

by chuckiedreyfus.ph

Smokin’ Pig Legendary Rib Joint has a very laid back ambiance. Great al fresco dining with a variety of dishes that are sure to make your mouth water. Add to that an abundance of refreshing drinks (and booze!) with wonderful music to set the mood and you’ve got the perfect setting for a relaxing hangout with friends and family...

17 March 2014

The Legendary Smokin’ Pig Out

by blauearth.com

I can’t bow out of food blogging just yet. As they say, live a little. My foodie best friend Alma took me for lunch at Smokin’ Pig in a refreshingly green and muted area in Quezon City. The rib joint is at the back part of an arcade called Capitol GreenStreet. It overlooks Marikina and other neighboring cities. So fine, the kind weather complimented outdoor BBQ food...

31 May 2015

Stunning view, Mouthwatering ribs, a decent beer selection

by Gel M from TripAdvisor.com

...The set came with two sides so we went with the Mac and Cheese as recommended by the server and Onion Rings to be safe. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone-melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the flavor did not disappoint. The portions were just right - smaller than I expected -but turned out to be just enough with the two sides I ordered. Ended up splitting the ribs wit the bro. Mac and Cheese was good on its own but great wit the ribs...

20 March 2014

From Zomato.com

by Patrick Cruz

...Located at the back area of Capitol Green Street, this hidden joint serves one of the best pork ribs in the metro. We ordered a half slab with two sides and it certainly satisfied our porcine cravings...

10 November 2014

From Looloo.com

by Hannah K.

Had lunch here we got the boss plate has 3 kinds of smoked meat goodness. Pulled pork, ribs and beef plus 2 sides of choice for 700. It was good for two it's not that of a big plate but it got us both filled. I loved the dry rubbed ribs and THE PULLED PORK their BBQ sauce mmmmm...

12 July 2014

From Looloo.com

by Timmy d.

I was so full from the hijacked date that I had with my brother (see previous post) that I'm kicking myself for not eating a lot more at this place. I've known of this restaurant since last year but I just couldn't figure out where it was located in the building. It's at the back right between Stacy's and Pho Hoa. It's a small space and gets full fast so best to get a reservation. It's also open air so I think dinner time is the best time to go...

09 June 2015

Smokin’ Pig Legendary Rib Joint is legendary

by yomarcus.com

Aaah finally got to try Smokin’ Pig. Didn’t get the chance to visit the joint earlier, which I actually regret because them ribs are actually legendary. I suggest you visit if you’re around Quezon City and stuff...

20 May 2014

Our Globe Charge experience at Smokin' Pig Legendary Rib Joint

by Dale Bacar

...We wanted to try out the Globe Charge experience for ourselves so we went to Smokin' Pig Legendary Rib Joint over the weekend to see it in action. I have been wanting to check out this restaurant after Kris Aquino declared that it is "masarap" there on Kris TV (lol). So, hitting 2 birds with one stone, we drove all the way to Capitol Hills in QC and got ourselves some ribs!

24 February 2014

Smokin' Pig's mouth watering ribs!

by ABS-CBN News

Hungry for ribs? Try Smokin' Pig's wet and dry ribs in QC! Kris Aquino and Erich Gonzales visited Smokin' Pig at Capitol Green Street, Quezon City.

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